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Cultiva Greatness

Who we are

Cultiva Greatness cultivates self-empowering leaders by:

  • Empowering leaders to overcome the imposter syndrome.
  • Teaching leaders how to nurture resiliency in others.
  • Guiding organizations to create a culture of belonging.
  • Training parents to harness their child's intensity for greatness.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and positive growth.


About Our Founder

I'm Norma C. Cardona, founder of Cultiva Greatness LLC, and my journey is all about transformation—from battling anxiety and depression to embracing a life of empowerment and resilience. I've walked the paths you're on, feeling a soul wound and seeking change. Through self-awareness and discovering the impacts of stress on the brain, I found my way from merely surviving to truly thriving. Cultiva Greatness is born from this personal revolution, rooted in my deep connection to underestimated communities, and my heritage as a daughter of Mexican immigrants.

At Cultiva Greatness, we're passionate about empowering you (and your organization)—leaders, educators, and community advocates. With the Nurtured Heart Approach®, we focus on the positives, building on each moment of greatness. This evidence-based method isn't just theory; it's about practical changes that foster self-compassion and community growth. Whether you're a Latina executive mom, a dedicated educator, or a community leader, Cultiva Greatness is here to support your journey of cultivating your inner strength.

Let's rewrite your story together, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and connection. Whether you're navigating the challenges of leadership or seeking to make a difference in your community, CG is here for you. We're dedicated to helping you nurture your inner greatness, building a foundation of resilience igniting belonging and transformation. Together, let’s embrace growth opportunities, supported by a community that values inclusivity and empowerment.

Let’s cultivate greatness together, transforming every challenge into a step towards a thriving future.


Igniting Greatness

Our offerings including training, consulting, and coaching.

  • Trauma-Informed Training
  • Nurtured Heart Approach® Training
  • Notching-up Leadership Greatness™
  • Notching-Up Organizational Greatness™
  • Inner Strength Groups & Grupos ¡Guau!™
The Nurtured Heart Approach® spoke to my heart as both a mom and a pediatric nurse!

- J.L.

Absolutely Yes. Absolutely No. Absolutely Clear. Can be life changing.

- C.Z.

Norma is passionate about her cause. She is informative and willing to share her knowledge.

- R.Y.

Life gets really hectic and busy and we are constantly on the go, taking this training helped me realized it's ok to stop, reset, breath and continue with my parenting needs with out getting so emotionally drained.

- M.M.

This method has great value for me personally. I have three teens!

- J.L.

I learn alot from this session. My kids were special needs and now they have special needs kids themselves. I would love to hear you speak again.


Ready to cultivate greatness and build inner strength?