Our Values

The 5 Ceeds of Cultiva Greatness


At Cultiva Greatness, we are dedicated to catalyzing self-empowerment in individuals, organizations, and communities. Through the Nurtured Heart Approach®, we provide the tools and guidance needed to foster inner strength, resilience, and confidence. Empowerment at CG means instilling a sense of agency and control, enabling growth and transformation.


Our approach, deeply rooted in the Nurtured Heart Approach®, focuses on reshaping the inner narrative. By practicing the 3 stands, we empower individuals to shift their internal dialogue, cultivating positive change and strengthening relationships. This inner transformation extends outward, reshaping how we perceive the world and those around us. As we embrace the humanity in ourselves and others, collectively cultivating empathy, forging connections, and contributing to a more compassionate community.


Building a comunidad is fundamentally about nurturing positive relationships and experiences that collectively contribute to healing and resilience. These connections are vital, offering support, understanding, and validation providing individuals with a safe space to share their stories, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges together. Hence, the essence of community lies in its power to heal, empower, and unite individuals, making the development of community a key element in the journey toward holistic well-being.


Crecer (translation: growth) embodies holistic healing and growth, where empowerment and transformation converge to create a space for individuals to not only overcome challenges but also reach their full potential. Cultiva Greatness emphasizes crecimiento by celebrating what's going right, and nurturing others free from judgment. As thriving individuals shift to a positive lens, this collective energy of empowerment and transformation contributes to a ripple effect of positive change, creating a society where greatness is cultivated within and around us. 


Clear and transparent communication transcends the mere exchange of information; it is about making oneself understood, bridging gaps between individuals, and aligning visions and objectives. Clarity ensures that every member of the organization, regardless of their role or background, has a common understanding of our mission, values, and goals. It builds trust, fosters accountability, and facilitates decision-making, creating a culture where everyone feels valued and informed. We commit to honesty and integrity in all our interactions, reinforcing the idea that to be clear is to respect the dignity and intelligence of every individual we engage with.